Since the mankind contributed to the creation of civilization, mining has guaranteed power, strength, resistance and high quality in many products. Today, such advantages and superiorities of forging products became much more important with increasing stress, load and processes. Forging products offer designs to lift any load and tensions even at the highest level.

Forging products are cost efficiently produced and processed by automatic methods and are more attractive owing to their unique high level reliabilities, developed tolerance capacities and high levels of success and

STRUCTURAL RELIABILITY ACHIEVED IN FORGING HAS NEVER BEEN REACHED BY ANY MINE PROCESSING METHOD. Forging process does not have any internal gas pockets or gaps that may result in unexpected failures under pressure and compression. Forging method is the best technique that performs chemical decomposition to move the material move from the central point into the different sections of forging and structural integrity of forging products means consistent processing ability, the most correct result and cost inspection requirement for hot forging that contributes to fast production rate and low cost.